UPDATE 1.2.0 | Bye Bye Shadow…

SECOND update for Lost Alone Ultimate!

Here we are with the second update of Lost Alone Ultimate. This update is very important because it introduces a new game mode: “the ability to disable the Shadow” and it improves all the game mechanics. By observing your gameplay and following your feedback, this update significantly enhances the entire game!

  • Added the possibility to play without the presence of the Shadow. At the beginning of each chapter, you can decide whether to face the Shadow or play without its pursuit.
  • Decreased the Shadow’s chasing speed.
  • Added new Easter Eggs.
  • Changed some game music.
  • Made the Hospital key more visible.
  • Made the Counter Room key more visible.
  • Fixed the bug that allowed the player to take a Cassette Tape through the wall of the Parents’ Room.
  • Fixed a bug that made the Special Candle disappear.
  • Resolved minor bugs.

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