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Lost Alone Ultimate



Lost Alone Ultimate is a first-person psychological horror game designed to convey anxiety, distress, and terror. You will have to explore three different houses, avoid staying in

Who Knocks is a first person psychological horror game that will make your nightmares come true. You have just moved into a new house and are about to experience the longest night

Responsible for the deaths of his girlfriend and sister, George is an alcoholic with a stormy past. Raised by a serial killer, George’s life ends in suicide. But his story be

After the events of Lost Alone EP.1 – Little Sister, George continues his nightmare, waking up in an unknown house. The horrors he experienced and tried to drown in alcohol a

Growing up with his paternal grandmother, George gets out of the spiral of alcohol addiction by meeting Hanna, his girlfriend. But his childhood traumas will soon come back to haun

"L'horror psicologico Lost Alone ha debuttato su Steam con il primo capitolo intitolato Sorellina"
"George è tormentato dagli scheletri nell'armadio sepolti in quella casa. Visioni, spiriti ed eventi soprannaturali lo guideranno alla verità finale"
"Scopriamo il primo videogioco dello Youtuber Daniele Doesn't Matter"