First update of Bloody Ink

Here we are, finally, at the first update of Bloody Ink!
I am really happy that you are enjoying this game and I sincerely thank you for the wonderful reviews you are leaving! I am honored.
I have taken note of the advice and criticism and, following your indications, I have made changes to improve the game. Here are the changes:

  • Added support for 21:9 monitors. Now it is possible to play without problems at any type of resolution.
  • Fixed the zoom of the coat for the disguise. Now it is possible to correctly examine the object.
  • Improved the interaction graphics with the safe. The number being modified is now highlighted, avoiding confusion.
  • Fixed some graphic errors in the version: “The Hour of Fear”.
  • Fixed some jumpscares.
  • Fixed typos during the examination of some signs.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

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