A mega update is available!

Seventh Update for Lost Alone Ultimate!
Lost Alone Ultimate continues to grow, and a major update awaits you! In this version 2.5.0, you will find lots of new features:

  • Added voiceover in Italian, English, German, French, and Spanish.
  • Reconstructed all the game’s cutscenes.
  • Added “camera depth effect” in every cinematic.
  • Completely reconstructed in-game dialogues for a third-person narrative in line with Bloody Ink.
  • Added plot details clarifying the connection with Who Knocks, The Telephone, and Bloody Ink.
  • Added Automatic Saves in critical game areas.
  • Corrected description errors of some items that had incorrect descriptions.
  • Fixed the box collider that made it difficult to pick up the Toy Knife.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

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